Happy Woman

Symbols of Character

This manuscript is still in progress! 

 A contemporary story inspired by real events, mixed with elements of Cinderella.

This manuscript unearths harsh truths and explores human psychology when we feel most trapped. This novel has series potential to spill many more secrets from the small fictional town of Oakwick.

A snippet . . . 

Who knew something so small could feel so heavy in her hands. The woman paced the dingy gas station bathroom holding a pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test. The grime covered walls offered no solace, nor cheer to Anya. This was a mistake, and she was certain of it. What she wasn’t certain of was who the father was. She had started patching things up with her high school sweetheart, but she did have a few hookups with another man. Her gut twinged as she gripped the cigarette smoke stained sink. She splashed some luke warm water on her freckled face as her green eyes stared back at her in the broken dust covered mirror. She let out a sigh as the smoke filled room of that fateful night rolled into her mind.

He had hazel eyes you could just get lost in, and many women did that night, you see it wasn’t often you’d see a Stockholm at some house party. For whatever reason that night he chose her, and the weeks following he continued to choose her, and that would just be the start of many more problems for her.

Symbols of Character is the first contemporary novel Kelli has ever written. All names, appearances, social settings, and locations have been changed to protect privacy for the people who were involved.