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The Finite

This manuscript is complete at a little over 36k

THE FINITE is an Adult High Fantasy novella (that will reach novel length after a round or two of edits) with a character cast inspired by greek myth intertwined with elements of Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

This manuscript is a stand alone, but it drips with series potential to explore the other distinctive characters in the universe of Hellenavaria. 

The Premise. . .

Among the bars of the port city Ignis, lies a champion in the making. Dorin is notoriously known for being the town drunk, and has a dark cloud of bad luck following him. But that doesn't turn the Oracle away from recruiting him. With the prophecy wars still raging among the gods, who seem to be after the all powerful title of One True God, Dorin doesn't have much else to lose. 

The Oracle shelters the unlikely hero on her isle, untouched by the carnage of the battling deities. She tells Dorin he needs to collect three sacred objects from his previous lives' incarnations. Not all goes as smoothly as the Oracle says, and very quickly, Dorin realizes how vital his part could be in ending the Prophecy Wars. 

Aside from creating stories, Kelli loves video games. THE FINITE is one of the few novel ideas of hers that she would love to see adapted to video game format some day.