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Project Curse Breaker

Curse Breaker is a Epic Fantasy YA with series potential. Currently, Curse Breaker sets at roughly 60k words. 

The Colorful Legacy of Elara Everwolf

In a world where every kingdom lives with only one color, a princess wishes to restore her home to its colorful glory days. With only a fairytale and her mother's dying instructions to guide her, Elara sets off on a seemingly lost cause: collecting ancient artifacts to raise the Phoenix who will break the dreaded Color Curse.

On her journey, Elara will meet a bevy of characters who only existed to her in books. This includes a gentle troll named Birdy, fearless pirates fighting for free will, and Dragons who fancy riddles, relaxation, and pure blood.

Curse Breaker has elements inspired by classic Tolkien fantasy, AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER, and Kelli's own inner world that stems from her Dissociative Identity Disorder.