Cinnamon Sticks

Project Bun 

This manuscript is in progress!

Project Bun is a High Fantasy (category TBD), dual POV story that explores genocide, bigotry, and underhanded governments all while taking place in a whimsical food world, Janari.


This manuscript is a co-written project with fellow AuthorTuber, R.P Winters. Project Bun has potential to turn into a dangerously sweet saga. 

The Premise. . . 

Lone is the last cinnabon in the  all the seven kingdoms. 

Fraiser is a strawberrian on the run from her past, with pursuers seemingly lurking around every corner.

Somehow, their fates were woven together by forces beyond their reckoning. To keep life in Janari delicious, they must step up and end the war neither of them asked for. 

Project Bun was originally created as a way to keep the spirit of writing and story crafting fun for both Kelli and her co-writer R.P Winters. With R.P primarily writing horror/thriller novels, and Kelli used to sole creative control, it also challenged both writers to think outside of their comfort zones.


While all of Kelli's projects are special, Project Bun will forever be a memorable project, and one for the favorites list.

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