Cozy Winter

The Dangers of Engagement 

This Adult Fantasy Novella is complete at roughly 28k words. Told in dual POV, the story follows a Fairy banished from her homelands and a Vampire Queen, who would hate to admit just how touch-starved she is. fans of CASTLEVANIA and A DEAL WITH THE ELF KING will enjoy this enemies to lovers tale.

The Dangers of Engagement has the potential to expand to a cozy collection.

A brief summary 

Even in exile, PeriBelle’s string of bad luck and elusive past haunt her. She longs for a friend in the strange land she finds herself in, but when you’re intruding on another’s territory it makes it hard to get out much. Her last hope is to send an invitation for tea to the only other outcast in Lunar Valley. She didn’t anticipate how badly the Vampire Queen would misunderstand her intentions.


Lucifine thought leaving the icy mountains of the north would make her feel better. She foolishly thought that the Vampire King’s death would be the end of her troubles. She was wrong. Because now she is up to her neck in lies. Then the invitation from none other than the outcast PeriBelle shows up. To face this foe, Lucifine must utilize all her knowledge of Fae-kind and the Laws of Hospitality. A deadly Fae game of push and pull until only one individual is left alive.


When the Southern Fae Court uncovers PeriBelle’s location, everything goes awry quickly.  Lucifine is faced with the choice to turn her over to secure her own safety in Lunar Valley, or she can stand and fight with the exiled Fairy.

The Dangers of Engagement was inspired by a prompt where the magical laws that make up fairy and vampire lore were being tested to see which of these powerful supernatural beings came out on top. Instead, during the heat of battle, something tender was sparked between them.