Forest Mist

Adventures in Thimbleton

This dark New Adult fantasy murder mystery is complete at 54k & will appeal to readers who enjoy ALICE IN WONDERLAND and I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN


The world of Thimbleton is vast and full of peculiar magic and wonder, but most importantly no humans. That was until Lorette Windell arrived in the Twisted Wood outside of a tiny, isolated town without her memory. As the only human seen in eons, she is thrust into solving a murder to prove her innocence. Along the way Lore, and her companion Matilda, uncover a darker underbelly hiding beneath the town of Charmsend. It will take grit, gumption, and good luck for Lore to make it out alive. 

Adventures in Thimbleton was first drafted November of 2019. Lore's story holds a special place with Kelli for many reasons. One being this was the first manuscript she had ever wrote 'the end' on, and she finished while juggling the responsibilities of being a new mother

to her then three-month-old daughter, Luna.